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At Paragon Worldwide Acquisitions we believe in turning your ideas into a business, we convert our passion into action. The direct approach to marketing,

We’re an energetic, flexible, and open-minded team ready to work hard for our clients. If you’re interested in working with us, please send us a message!

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One Having No Equal or Match

Our clients had a dream to take their business to the next level and draw in a national base of customers while retaining the personal feel of meeting with customers face to face… See More


A model of excellence & perfection

You have an idea about where you want your Career to go? We specialize in transforming dreams into goals and helping individuals and our clients reach their full potential… See More

A perfect embodiment  of Education & Marketing

We have worked with a variety of businesses varying from non-profit to corporate to retail. Although our clients have ranged in size from small to large corporations, our niche is helping all sized clients discover their potential… See More

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"The team at Paragon Acquisitions are knowledgeable and experienced in the events marketing industry. We can always trust them to provide the most efficient solutions and highest quality of presentations to customers. With Paragon Acquisitions by our side, we have the confidence to continue growing our business."
Mark Thomas
UK, 24 th January, 2014